As The saying goes, "a new broom sweeps clean", as in The day before The inauguration painting

01/03/2017 23:58

As The saying goes, "a new broom sweeps clean", as in The day before The inauguration, trump political news site The Hill reported it would seriously consider cancel national art fund (NEA) and The national humanities (NEH), as a part of The cuts in government spending.
However, the report about the new government information source of this oil painting move is very vague, but when it comes to the White House and the trump transition team internal circulated a budget "blueprint".
"Overall, The team's trump 'blueprint' show will cut The federal government $10.5 trillion in 10 years of spending," The Hill site editor Alexander Bolton wrote. In 2016, the federal government spending is about 3.9 trillion.
According to The Hill site, in addition to cancel The already not bounteous arts government funding, it would also extend to The privatization of public broadcasting company, and The sources of energy, commercial, transportation, justice, and state department funding cuts and orchestration.
In the past 20 years, the national art fund spending in 2000 from $97.6 million to $2010 in 167.5 million. The fund appropriation of $148 million last year.
Such as art development groups, however, the American association of art (Americans for the Arts) several years ago, according to budget allocations agencies failed to keep up with inflation, actually has shrunk dramatically. "If national art fund budget for 1992 remains the same, was adjusted by inflation should be $289 million, 2013 rather than $146 million."
Congress will ultimately control the federal government's purse strings, any President's budget will be a difficult process to implement. Including by high-level affected institutions the opportunity to comment and call for change. The Hill website said: "The trump cabinet has yet to cut its reform of The internal resources to notice."
But republican control of congress have reason to welcome this kind of oil painting reproductions budget.
Bolton noted that news of the budget plan and conservative American Heritage Foundation (the Heritage Foundation), released last year proposed cancel plans to launch the national art fund is consistent (the project also advocated the abolition of civilian medical bill, and against President Obama recently told Chelsea manning pardon).
Bolton wrote, proposed cuts could also be conservative republican study committee has adopted the budget, the proposal on behalf of the opinions of the majority of house republicans. As the new vice President Mike Pence (Mike Pence) work before the heritage foundation staff Russ Vought and John Gray, a will be responsible for this matter.
National art fund from 80 s to 90 s culture has been since the war is the republican eyesore. When to support Robert Mapplethorpe (Robert Mapplethorpe) such radical avant-garde artists exhibition, also between people has caused quite a stir. Senate Jesse Mr. Helms said filming "urine soaking in Christ" (Piss Christ) artist andreas, Serrano (Andres Serrano) "is not an artist but a jerk." But contains its exhibition work is supported by the public.
Author Amanda KolsonHurley on twitter pointed out about the latest custom oil painting ironically the organization change:
Amanda Kolson Hurley, two tweets. Images: ViaTwitter
"Public broadcasters will be privatised 'is an admirable Orwell type (Orwellian) expression."
"Don't forget three years ago, the national cultural foundation and the national art funds but to trump hotel way moved away from the old post office."
Interview by mail, the national art fund told artnet news: "we will not speculate the newly elected President (or congress) for future action."
National cultural foundation spokesman Theola DeBose wrote to artnet news also said in a statement: "we will not speculation of the new government policy or focus."
Trump transition team has yet to respond.
Now is the latest progress on the subject, is headquartered in New York, New York writers organizations "American PEN association" (PEN America), executive director of Suzanne Nossel, issued a statement, said the cuts will usher in a new dark age "" to make the United States. But the statement also very good interpretation of the two important art humanities fund status and role.
The original text is as follows:
The Hill reports, about The government could abolish trump national humanities and arts foundation of The New Deal, is for The U.S. government support for a long time to be proud of, pioneering research and creative attempt did terrible betrayal. And these support as the engines of innovation, strengthened the United States as a free thinker of heaven and human common intellectual curiosity global leader status.
Founded in 1965, the national cultural foundation is a mainstay of the liberal arts programs in the United States. Supported by its cultural institutions including museums, libraries, public television, and the university and individual scholarship program, including more than 7000 books Project, there are 16 won the Pulitzer prize, in addition, the national humanities fund will also support the American Newspaper plan (the United States Newspaper Project), the program compiled more than 6 million pages of newspapers and periodicals literature history, for academic research in the future.
Also founded in 1965, the national art funds to support the art creation and research, made the contact have equal opportunity to art and culture, and with the national and local to support creative projects within the scope of the community. The financial support of the nationwide literature, visual arts, dance, theater, museums and education organization.
If this matter (cancel two fund project) can be into account, we are full of vitality of the national culture will be on clouds, can also cause a kind of by the government of the trump of the new fear of the dark period, make the person with a shudder. American leadership and innovation achievements in the field of fine arts, almost all over the world envy. The program will hit those attaches great importance to the academic research, and innovation of institution, which in turn threaten our society's most valuable part of the core. Even if we don't talk about these fundamental resource of interests, such a move, the signal transmitted by confidence is also against the new government of artists, writers, researchers and scholars are an affront

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