art insurance in inland water oil painting transportation on the basis of established. In the 1960 s

06/03/2017 22:37

In the west, art insurance in inland water oil painting transportation on the basis of established. In the 1960 s, Europe and the United States began to appear special insurance company underwriting art. At present, western art insurance underwriting has achieved iconic profit, so many insurance companies now by the terms and conditions of the development policy and competitive insurance premium to compete against each other.
Mature market system integrity
European and American countries art insurance market has been quite mature, and formed a relatively perfect system.
First of all, the insured object is widespread, including personal collection, collection, art dealers, museums and auction companies and other organizations or individuals.
Second, art is dedicated to disaster prevention security insurance. In the art after the loss, the insurance company can guide field processing, depending on the type of accident rescue quickly, avoid the secondary damage. At the same time, the insurance company is dedicated to disaster prevention before accident loss prevention services, such as site safety inspection to send specialized engineers, prompt risk.
Third, there is complete data support. The professional oil painting reproductions art insurance company in Europe and the United States has a complete database of stolen art. If the stolen art appear in any of the auction house, will be immediately reflected in the database, and by the insurance company to the auction house, will return stolen works to the collectors.
Fourth, the insurance company has a strong ability. According to the statistics, in the European and American countries engaged in art of insurance of insurance company, for every $100 art trade, insurance company can get the premium income of $1. Because of the abroad has already formed a set of perfect appraisal system and an effective credit mechanism, insurance company to release their own ability, almost can do 100% of insurance for all works of art.
The authoritative data power art insurance
In addition, the European and American art in the insurance market has two more authoritative security institutions, one is founded in 1991, is headquartered in London, the alr, 2 it is art registration buy oil painting company was founded in America in 2000, the two institutions can be registered through the network of art, but with different emphasis.
The alr stolen art focused on record, is larger in the world, and also the authority of the stolen art database. The company mainly has two jobs: one is the stolen or lost art or antiques entry database, and to help the owner to find lost collection; The second is to protect the art market orderly and normal operation, to prevent the stolen art through illegal or improper means to enter the art market.
Art registered companies have preference in creation or get artwork to register on the site, the security work of art of property rights, the purpose is to prevent fraud and theft, also help to protect the integrity of the art market. Artists, collectors, art gallery, the gallery can be permanently registered in its works of art.
For policy-holder interest "escort"
In the European and American countries, the insurance company to undertake the work of art insurance business has been a standard process. After receiving insurance application, insurance company will hire an independent industry consultant to evaluate the value of art works, to consult the customer application details, detailed source identification such as works of art, and the guarantee of the original issued by the professional trade organization, the historical transaction records, etc.
In Britain, for example, the art market in Britain, a period on one type of goods or the cultural relic, most professional art appraisal institution and the third party agent. Sometimes is a person, sometimes is to provide professional services and integrated services all kinds of organizations. At the same time, the auction industry also shoulders the appraisal valuation work.
In the United States, the artwork confirmed after the insurance company, must first preliminary examination works clear digital sample color pictures or feature, and then review relevant documents. If the client has house and car insurance, and insurance are all in the same company, you can directly on the property and confirmed. If the customer has been in the company to deal with before art insurance business, and other new works of art can be directly by 0.1% to 0.5% of the insurance premium, insurance amount, the greater the rate is lower.
On the basis of industry ecological overall sound, European and American countries of art insurance can fully protect the interests of the policyholders. Related to the personage inside course of study says, the insurance company all assessment services in the insurance policy has introduced in detail, in the process of the insurance, the insurance company will according to who owns the works of art, finally decided to use what way to compensate, the repair or replacement service. Buying art for policy-holder insurance can mean risk transfer, once appear loss, the insurance company will provide compensation

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